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Willmar Elementary School

underground utilities project

Teaming up to Help Kids

Quam was proud to be part of the construction team with the specific responsibility to prepare the Lakeland Avenue site for construction of the new school, and install underground utility services that would serve the new building.

Project Details

Client Willmar Elementary School
Site Willmar, MN
Date Summer 2016
Services Underground Utility

making progress at Willmar Elementary School

Quam’s Results

Quam moved approximately 90,0000 cubic yards of material. To put that into perspective – that’s the equivalent of moving over 27 Olympic size swimming pools filled with dirt. To accomplish this – we moved between 6,000 – 7,000 cu yards per day.


  • 2 Off Road Dump Trucks
  • 3 D6 Dozers were on site
  • The entire site was graded using high technology GPS installed equipment
  • During peak time, there was $5 M in equivalent value equipment on site
  • Each of the dump trucks logged 300 hours each
  • Quam had 20 employees in various positions on three different crews working at the site at one time

The Numbers

More than 550 truckloads (over 10,000 tons) of granular material were hauled in and placed by Quam to provide future contractors adequate access to all areas of the site.

8675 ft of underground utility pipes installed:

  • 2930 feet of water main pipes
  • 5200 feet of storm sewer pipes
  • 545 feet of sanitary sewer pipes
kids at ground breaking

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