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Trucking & Project Logistics

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We know that construction projects have schedules for a reason – to get things done on-time and within budget. Since efficient production has always been a strong suit of ours, Quam Construction proudly operates a fleet of trucks available for your various trucking needs. And to ensure every project milestone is met in a timely manner, we also provide logistics and project planning.

In addition to our own experienced team, Quam Construction also works with partner carriers and suppliers to ensure you’re covered no matter what may come up through the course of a project. So let us carry the load for you. Call us today at 320-235-3344 or click here to contact us to get your load on the road.

  • Move Non-Hazardous Soil Material
  • Deliver Rock & Gravel
  • Clear Demolition Debris
  • Side Dump Trailers
  • Lowboy Trailers
  • Tandem End Dump Trucks
  • Project Logistics and Planning