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The start of the 2015 season brings the rise of new technology at Quam Construction. We are proudly anticipating the arrival of two new additions to the Quam fleet. A new GPS-equipped D6T dozer will be added in May 2015. Designed to handle everything from dozing and ripping to scraper work and finish grading, the D6T enables us to handle bigger and more complex projects with even greater ease.

In addition to GPS, the new D6T dozer is driven by a CAT C9.3 ACERT engine, with improved fuel efficiency, which contributes not only to the bottom line, but also helps Quam be a local leader in pursuing environmentally-friendly and “green” construction practices. Like many of our newer trucks, this D6T dozer requires diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), a non-hazardous solution that breaks down NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water, in an effort to reduce pollution.

Joining the D6T dozer at Quam will be it’s handsome cousin, a D6N dozer, which will serve as a powerful ally for earthwork and shaping. The D6N is GPS-ready, with low ground pressure tracks. As the need grows, GPS will be easily added to the D6N as well.

These new additions to the fleet build an even stronger case for making Quam Construction a preferred choice for all of your Heavy Construction, Underground Utilities, Grading/Excavation/Earthwork projects.