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Stormwater Solutions

Stormwater Runoff can Contain Pollutants

Stormwater is created from rain or snow falls that flow over streets, parking lots and roofs into a storm drain or a body of water (lake, stream, or ocean). Stormwater runoff can contain nitrogen and phosphorous pollutants that can be hazardous to the body of water they flow into – impacting the quality of water in the ecosystem. Stormwater is also an important resource for water management. Stormwater collection systems keep surface runoff from a variety of sources from flooding busy streets and overloading infrastructure during heavy rain events. These systems can range from a four inch pipe to a massive concrete culvert and are vital in wastewater management efforts to separate undesired runoff from the untreated water, which discharges into outlet ponds, rivers, canals, lakes or oceans.

Did you know?

Urban areas produce much more stormwater due to the amount of hard surfaces.


Quam utilizes Centripipe to install cast-concrete pipe systems for the renewal of culverts or sanitary sewer pipes. This process gives our clients another renewal pipe option when the use of backhoes, repaving and traffic detours are not permitted or when hazardous construction situations prohibit these activities. By using Centripipe, we create a new, waterproof concrete pipe directly inside the old one. This newly formed pipe can extend the life of the pipe by double.


Quam utilizes slip-lining to repair leaks in pipes, and to return stability to pipe systems. The process includes Quam installing a smaller sized pipe into a larger pipe. We then place grout between the gaps of these two pipes, and then seal the downstream ends. The trenchless slip-lining solution provides significant savings by maintaining normal flow, and providing you with a new pipe.

CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe)

Quam is officially licensed by LMK to install their leading cured-in-place products. We utilize CIPP solutions to rehabilitate main and lateral pipes. We begin by pulling a resin-saturated felt tube into a damaged pipe. And, from these durable systems, you will experience:

  • A professional and time-efficient process
  • Cost-effective project planning
  • Limited digging and traffic disruption
  • Fast completion and minimal down-time
  • Sustainable solutions that last
  • Safer and less frequent future repairs

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