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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

closed circuit televison

Increase Your Project’s Productivity

Get an inside look at the condition of your existing pipe systems with Quam’s CCTV (closed circuit television) camera. Whether you need immediate assistance with emergent repairs or are looking for proactive video for future planning, Quam can help. Our skilled technical operators secure the best video possible to increase your projects productivity.


CCTV can assess thousands of feet per day in pipelines ranging from 6 to 60 inches in diameter.

With CCTV you can:

  • Catch faults early with proactive video and condition assessments
  • Identify the precise location of known or suspected issues
  • Assess problems in detail to determine the best solution
  • Determine parameters for budgeting future projects


Quam’s utilizes the IBAK System – the largest manufacturer of CCTV systems for the inspection of pipelines – with features which are unique in terms of function and technology.

Need Quam's CCTV for your project?

Trouble-shooting an issue or planning for future growth, Quam’s CCTV can help.

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