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Sewer Pipe Solutions

sewer pipe solutions

Sustainable Solutions that Last

The quality of your main and lateral sewer pipes affect your entire system. That’s why Quam provides only the best trenchless solutions – while remaining budget-conscious. And from all of our durable solutions we put in place, you will experience:


  • A professional and time-efficient process
  • Cost-effective project planning
  • Limited digging and traffic disruption
  • Fast completion and minimal down-time
  • Sustainable solutions that last
  • Safer and less frequents future repairs

Did you know?

The cost to fix inflow and infiltration at the local source is a fraction of the cost needed to add collection and treatment capacity.


When it’s time to repair existing sewer pipe systems due to age and structural integrity, the rest of your city shouldn’t have to suffer.  Trenchless pipe bursting creates long-lasting, cost-effective solutions to your infrastructure problems.  By attaching a “bursting head” to the front of the new pipe that will be laid, we simultaneously split open the old and insert the new.  And for pipe systems that need to be upsized, the fragments that are left behind by this process actually help create a more sufficient underground cavity for your new infrastructure.

Pipe-bursting can be especially effective when right-of-way access is limited for reaching the existing pipe, street repairs are not required, or landscaping or sensitive environmental issues are in place.

  • Replace buried pipelines with minimal trenching
  • Perfect for busy cities of any size
  • Replace or repair failing, outdated, or undersized systems
  • Up-size existing systems from underground
  • Managed by a team of experienced professionals with modern equipment and top techniques

CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe)

Quam is an officially licensed and trained LMK Technologies® installer. The LMK Technologies brand provides the most trusted, long-term solutions and services for renewing the world’s underground infrastructure. LMK Technologies products utilize the Insignia Compression Seals – a hydrophilic compression gasketing system that provides a verifiable non-leaking connection for main-to-lateral CIPP junctions, lateral lings, and mainline sectional repairs.

Lateral Service Connections: T-Liner® Main-to-Lateral Connection is a structural one-piece, full circle CIPP liner renewing 18 or more inches and 360° of the mainline and extending up the lateral pipe as one continuous lining.

Trenchless Clean-Out: Vac-A-Tee® is a system allowing you access to the lateral pipe for inspection, cleaning and lining.

  • Structural connection with saddle covering more than 180° of host pipe
  • No intrusion to host pipe and compatible with all pipe types
  • Pipe diameters of 6 inches or less at lateral depths to 20 feet

Man-Hole Rehabilitation

CIPMH™ Cured-in-Place Full Depth and Chimney Manhole Liners: Engineered one-size, resin-impregnated and reinforced liner creates a corrosion-resistant manhole rehabilitation. Stretchable universal-sized liner renews manhole barrel sections, eccentric and concentric cones, regardless of construction or size.

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