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Trenchless Pipe Specialty Services

Trenchless pipe specialty services

Specialized Services Complement our Full Range of Services

Quam provides end-to-end solutions for any problems you have with underground utility infrastructure, and as you’d expect – we go the extra mile and offer specialized services to complement our full range of services. Trust Quam with the most complex or sensitive infrastructure.

Trenchless pipe specialty services

Hydro-Excavation / Jetting

Keep your storm and sewer systems functioning smoothly with hydro-excavation services with Quam. The large capacity vacuum quickly removes debris and excess water, and returns systems to normal flow and functionality.

Quam’s high-pressure jetting system regulates water pressure with precision, so large volume pipes get meticulously clean, while smaller-diameter and older, more fragile pipe systems receive protection from damage during the cleaning process.

Quam’s team has both the capacity and expertise to serve your city or industrial application with:

  • Clear backups caused by excess debris from rainstorms
  • Service hydraulically overloaded systems due to considerable snow thaw or flash flooding
  • Control groundwater infiltration from cracked or damaged pipe joints
  • Keep your community’s natural waterways free of residual contamination
  • Schedule regular preventative line maintenance

Auger Bore

Another trenchless specialty service that Quam offers is auger boring. During this process, Quam jacks the casing while our rotating augers (located within the casing) simultaneously remove spoil back into the working pit. Then our hydraulic jacks on the bore machine push the casing through the ground.    

Pipe Ramming

Quam is experienced with working in various environments such as when soil conditions are tough. In these cases, we recommend pipe ramming. When other installation methods could cause the surface to settle or heave, pipe ramming is useful for pipe and casing installation. The process includes delivering blows to drive the pipe through the ground, and then removing the spoil from the pipe through compressed air, water jetting or an auger.

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