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Water Pipe Solutions

water pipe solutions

Ensure Safe Drinking Water for Your City

Transferring your city’s water supply to the end user is a huge responsibility, and keeping the pipe network safe for consumers is something Quam knows a lot about.

Quam utilizes a variety of technologies to best meet your community needs, and we are happy to have our seasoned project managers meet with you to review your unique situation and provide diagnostic suggestions.

Innovative Solutions

With municipal budgets being tight don’t replace pipe unnecessarily; use trenchless solutions to renew and rehabilitate pipes to extend the life of the pipe and improve your community’s water quality. 

Pipe Bursting

The need for efficient and economical solutions for renewing, replacing, and up-grading our water systems are no longer a problem to be dealt with in the future. Pipe bursting is a respected technique with engineers in the water side of our industry, and with over 20 years’ of bursting experience in the field – Quam can help you take the leap of faith in updating your system.

Pipe Bursting Water Pipes allows you to replace and upsize underground pipe systems while avoiding the amount of excavation required by traditional methods. This no-dig process simultaneously inserts a new pipe in place of the old one with minimal surface disruption.

  • Replace buried pipelines with minimal trenching
  • Perfect for busy cities of any size
  • Replace or repair failing, outdated, or undersized systems
  • Up-size existing systems from underground
  • Managed by a team of experienced professionals with modern equipment and top techniques

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling)

Quam utilizes horizontal directional drilling to install water main infrastructures when other methods are not possible such as, for environmentally protected areas, shore approaches, roadways, and congested areas. This process allows Quam to install a pipe in a narrow arc through a drilling rig that produces minimal impact to the area. By using this technique, Quam provides less traffic and environment disruption, lowers costs, and reduces project completion times.

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