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Trenchless Solutions

Water Pipe Solutions

Quam utilizes a variety of technologies to best meet your community’s water pipe needs. Learn more about our services.

Sewer Pipe Solutions

The quality of your main and lateral sewer pipes affect your entire system that’s why Quam provides only the best trenchless solutions. Learn more about our sewer pipe solutions.

Stormwater Solutions

Quam provides stormwater solutions that range from a four inch pipe to massive concrete culverts. Learn more about our stormwater solutions.


Get an inside look at the condition of your existing waterways and pipe systems with Quam’s CCTV camera. Learn more about our CCTV service. 

Keep Area Businesses and Roadways Running

Trenchless solutions allow you to forego securing additional right-of-ways during the project, eliminate digging and damage to the above-ground landscape, and keeps area businesses and roadways up and running. We offer solutions for:

  • Perfect for municipalities who need to replace or repair failing, outdated, or undersized systems
  • Up-size existing systems from underground
  • Applicable to sewer systems, water mains, and gas lines
  • Experienced team of professionals with modern equipment and top techniques
  • Keep your pipe-system maintenance underground with our pipe-bursting expertise

Speciality Services

When you need a cost-effective alternative to traditional open-trench pipe repair and construction, Quam’s team of experts combined with our speciality services are ready to assist you. Our speciality services include:

  • Sag Correction / Re-rounding
  • Hydro-Excavation & Jetting
  • Auger Bore Casing
  • Pipe Ramming

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