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Grading, Excavating & Earthwork

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We may grin at jokes about playing in the dirt for a living, but here at Quam Construction our earthwork is all business. Grading and excavating are about more than just dirt. These mountain-moving services done to our high standards start your project off perfectly. Our team of construction professionals takes the time to really survey the landscapes you need cleared, and apply the best techniques for a strong and sturdy finish. We work directly with owners, engineers, and developers to ensure proper design and implementation. And we realize that a project starts from the underground up, which is exactly why we are so committed to building a solid foundation for every project.

To develop the most fortified construction site imaginable, we utilize the latest in GPS and Grade-Control technology. Our experienced professionals operate our modern fleet of earthmoving equipment with confidence. We are committed to keeping safety, timeliness, and quality at the core of our earthwork to ensure correct and efficient project completion. We also take respectful environmental measures to put erosion-control plans in place and leave Mother Nature as content as possible. Combining our heavy-duty equipment taskforce and our reputation for productivity makes way for unmatched success for your construction project.

Quam Construction has built-in capabilities to handle construction site development at the industrial, commercial, and residential levels. We also handle highway road construction and municipal street work. Call us today at 320-235-3344 or click here to contact us. We look forward to giving your project solid ground to stand on.

  • Industrial Site Grading & Development
  • Commercial Site Grading & Development
  • Residential Site Grading & Development
  • Highway Road Construction
  • Municipal Street Grading
  • Storm Water and Sewage Treatment Ponds