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City of Hector, MN


city of hector mn project

End-to-End Solution

Quam’s three-year project in Hector, MN had plenty of challenges combined with a little bit of everything. The project was a great opportunity for Quam to showcase the many tools we have in our diverse toolbox. Our scope of work included: open-cut utility construction, cured-in-place pipe, horizontal directional drilling, and pipe bursting. By having a wide array of solutions for many unique problems, we could adjust methods when field conditions threw a curveball at us. Despite the inaccurate historical maps, 50+ inches of rain, and the many other little quirks that popped up, Quam was able to successfully reconstruct the utility system in a cost effective and quality manner.

Project Details

Client City of Hector
Date Fall 2015 – Fall 2017
Site Hector, MN
Services Underground Utilities and Trenchless Solutions

Project Photos

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