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Equalization Basin Improvements

Replacing 30+ Years of Old Structure

Quam was the contractor working with Widseth Smith Nolting engineers on a new 1.4 million gallon equalization basin located in Glenwood, MN.

The city of Glenwood, MN is located on the shores of one of the largest lakes in Minnesota, Lake Minnewaska. With the cities proximity next to a lake, the water table under the town is very low and during large rain events or quick snow melts, the city’s residents sump pumps would overwhelm the city’s sanitary sewer system. With the construction of this new pond that replaced an existing thirty plus year old structure, the city of Glenwood is now able to relieve the sanitary sewer by pumping waste water into the new pond until the sanitary sewers are back to normal levels.

Quam’s work ranged from demolition, site grading with GPS equipment, underground utilities, and site restoration. Challenges ranged from dealing with unsuitable materials like peat, high ground moisture, and installing structures as deep as twenty-five feet deep.

Project Details

Client City of Glenwood
Date Fall 2016
Site Glenwood, MN
Services Underground Utilities

Demolition, Site Grading, Underground Utilities and Site Restoration

glenwood equalization basin project
equalization basin project
completed project

Quam’s Solution:


  • Demolition of equalization basin
  • Construction of new 1.4 Million gallon equalization basin
  • 351 LF of 8-inch sanitary sewer forcemain
  • 525 LF of 12-inch sanitary sewer pipe
  • 84 LF of 42-inch storm sewer pipe
  • 112 LF of 6-inch watermain
  • 665 LF of 8-inch watermain
completed glenwood project

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