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Northwest Barstow Street Utility Improvements Project

Preventing Infiltration For 50+ Years

The Quam crew successfully completed a CIPP lateral rehabilitation for the Northwest Barstow Street Utility Improvements project in Waukesha, Wisconsin.  The process began by accurately locating the existing sanitary sewer services with our lateral launch camera capabilities.  The crew then was able to install 25 LMK Vac-a-Tee Cleanouts on the laterals – providing minimal disruption to property or existing landscaping.  The Vac-a-Tee installation process was a challenge with the large rocks and cobbles that needed to be hydro-excavated.

Project Details

Client Northwest Barstow Street
Site Waukesha, WI
Date Summer 2017
Services CIPP

Careful Measurement is Vital

Once the Vac-a-Tees were installed, the Quam crew carefully measured the laterals.  The laterals varied significantly between materials (clay, pvc, and cast iron) and diameters (4 inches and 6 inches).  They were fragmented and had off-set joints, which allowed for groundwater infiltration.  The biggest challenge was the diameter transition changes.  After measuring the laterals, Quam ordered and installed LMK T-Liners.  The T-Liners averaged 30 feet in length, from the sanitary sewer main to the Vac-a-Tee Cleanout on the lateral.  The T-liners stopped groundwater infiltration and created one smooth, homogeneous piece of pipe resistant from roots and corrosion.  The homeowners on Northwest Barstow Street now have rehabilitated sewer laterals that will last 50+ years.

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