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When you need a cost-effective alternative to traditional open-trench pipe repair and construction, Quam’s team of pipe bursting experts are ready to assist. Pipe bursting and directional drilling are perfect for renewing existing main and lateral pipes with limited traffic disruption. This trenchless solution allows you to forego securing additional right-of-ways during the project, eliminates digging and damage to the above-ground landscape, and keeps area businesses and roadways up and running. Our pipe bursting know-how ensures that the infrastructure of your pipe system receives the most efficient care.

  • Replace buried pipelines without a traditional trench
  • Perfect for municipalities who need to replace or repair failing, outdated, or undersized systems
  • Up-size existing systems from underground
  • Applicable to sewer systems, water mains, and gas lines
  • Experienced team of professionals with modern equipment and top techniques

How it Works
Our pipe bursting technology allows you to replace and upsize underground pipe systems while avoiding the amount of excavation required by traditional methods. This no-dig process simultaneously inserts a new pipe in place of the old one with minimal surface disruption.

This is done with the use of a bursting head, which is attached to the front of a new pipe and leads the way by splitting open old pipes. These pipe fragments then create a new underground cavity that allows for larger pipes to be inserted in the location. This method not only saves you money but also:

  • Reduces damage to the site
  • Allows above ground traffic to flow as usual
  • Increases productivity and reduces job time
  • Provides a safer work environment

Keep your pipe-system maintenance underground with our pipe bursting expertise. Contact Quam today.