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Stormwater Collection Systems

stormwater collection systems

Separate Runoff from Untreated Water

Stormwater collection systems keep surface runoff from flooding busy streets and overloading infrastructure during heavy rain events. These systems can range from a four-inch pipe to a massive concrete culvert. They are vital in wastewater management efforts to separate undesired runoff from the untreated water, which discharges into outlet ponds, rivers, canals, lakes or oceans.

Quam has worked with all types of engineered systems, and has the ability to provide new construction, re-construction or rehabilitation of storm sewer systems.

EPA Experienced

Quam is experienced in completing projects requiring SPPPs, which designate best practices that are in compliance with EPA regulations.

Stormwater Systems Solution


  • Public and Private Sector Development
  • Storm Drain Pipe
  • Manholes
  • Curb Inlets
  • Outlet Structures
  • Box Culverts

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