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Water Systems

water systems

Providing Safe Drinking Water

A municipality or commercial developer has a huge responsibility to its constituency to provide good, safe drinking water to every home and business within its jurisdiction. Quam has the knowledge and experience to seamlessly construct or reconstruct the delivery system from the city water tower or reservoir systems to the customer. Quam understands this immense responsibility and can troubleshoot potential problems to prevent unnecessary disruptions or problems during a project.

Having seen almost every conflict that can arise in the field, Quam knows how to cover what can go wrong. With aging infrastructure, communities will be dealing with the unknown – uncertainty in sizes of existing pipes and/or inaccurate plans on existing mains. Having a contractor with experience can help keep things moving.

Testing Requirements

Quam is experienced at meeting pressure testing requirements, chlorination and bacteria testing to meet certification and public safety requirements.

drinking water system

End-to-End Solutions

With end-to-end solutions under one roof – Quam can offer a variety of options during the project (open cut, pipe bursting, HDD) to best accommodate the project. This is especially important in a tight right-of-way or environmentally sensitive area:


  • Public and Private Sector Development
  • Fire Lines
  • Hydrant Construction or Repair
  • Water Services
  • Backflows
  • Pressure Reducing Valve Stations

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